The Austrian Alpine Club

“Austria? Ahh: Australia!”
“Alpine Club?
Ahh: The Austrian Alpenverein Club!”
Wrong twice:

The Austrian Alpine Club is a cross-national association of achievement-oriented mountaineers.

Terms of admission Outstanding achievements in the field of mountaineering, such as the successful accomplishment of a difficult climb on rock or ice as a lead climber (quasi “complete” alpinists), but also artistic, scientific, literary and media achievements. If you think you fulfil those criteria, we’ll gladly send you an application form upon request. If you already know a member of the Austrian Alpine Club, please indicate his/her name in the application form.

Großglockner – The Austrian Alpine Club has strong ties to Austria’s highest mountain, due to its possessions up there: Besides the Erzherzog Johann Hut, the Club also owns the Großglockner’s summit cross as well as 114 square metres of the summit surface on the Tyrolean side. And what’s more, most Großglockner trails were first ascents by members of the Austrian Alpine Club.